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Have you or a loved one been impacted by a hospital-acquired infection? Please share some of your story and if you have a site feel free to include a url address.

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There's a brief summary on my profile and I also have a website at:
Colorado Citizens for Accountability and are both founded by Patty Skolnik. The CCA website is The other website is for consumers to go to to find out possible information regarding their health professionals.
Patty and David Skolnik lost their only child Michael after he endured unnecessary brian surgery by an incompetent neurosurgeon. Michael at 22 walked into the hospital and never walked again ....he was severly disabled after his 32 months of inmeasurable harm and died right after his 25th birthday. The surgeon had been in 3 other states and had malpractice settlements but this was not public information.
Since then Patty has had The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act put into law and it became effective on January 1, 2008. Patty also was a big influence in getting the Whistle Blower Bill p-assed in Colorado as well.


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