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Health Advocacy Services and Benefits of Patient Advocate Bay Area, Inc.

I am a Nurse Health and Elder Care Advocate with 30+ years of experience.  Services:   I clarify doctor’s orders, explore treatment options, make home and hospital visits, review medical records, formulate questions for doctor’s visits, educate on decreasing risk of infections for hospitalizations, help manage chronic diseases, review home environment for safety, make recommendations for long term planning and provide long distance coordination of care.


Some benefits of working with me:

Help you prevent health crises and unnecessary hospitalizations.

Research your potential treatment options and help you determine the pros and cons so you can chose the best health option for yourself.

Proactive education to prevent and protect you from medical mistakes, including hospital acquired infections.

Communicate your health care needs to medical team and exchange information with family members.

Allegiance is with you “the client”


To learn more see

Linda Garvin, RN, MSN

Founder & Nurse Patient and Elder Care Advocate

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